Milan Košir

Software Developer and Sculptor

About Me

I've been a punk musician, poet, sculptor, journalist, fish industry worker and missionary. For the last 20 years I develop and design software. I live in Pula, Croatia with my wife and our five children.


I'm a family person. My wife Lidija and our five children are the center of my world. The fact that I have a family is to me proof that God loves fools.

My Work

For the last 20 years I work as a developer and designer. Many years in the development of BPM solutions for Mobitel, a subsidiary of the Slovenian Telecom, then as an independent entrepreneur.

My Faith

I am deeply convinced that God is the one who gives us creativity for any advancement in science or art and, more importantly, the power to love and forgive, so we can live together.

Past work

Hardware App (2003) was my first web project for Mobitel d.d. I used ASP and SQL server to buld process based inventory app which tracked tenth of tousands hardware parts for 5 phone exchanges, 700+ base stations and 3 office buildings. I developed 3 consecutive versions, in the last version I implemented also a SVG map with exact location of every hardware part in company across many locations.

Nikita App (2006) was a brave experimental project. Based on XMLHttpRequest scripting object before Ajax even existed. It was capable to simultaneusly handle hundreds of hw/sw alarms from the whole phone exchange network. In realtime, over the NET. As co-autor of the project I was responsible to utilize connections with phone exchange and design UI.

Postopki App (2009) was the answer to complicated business processes in a company which grown from twelve to more than thousand employees in less than ten years. The application has introduced several innovative solutions for that time, eg signing pdf documents over a mobile phone, a portal for all employees, etc. The project was .NET based, running on the K2 process server. Awarded BPM application for small to middle sized companies.

Projects made with

Mobitel d.d. had a very alive and creative development team. I'm grateful and proud to be part of that story. Much of my development and project management skills originate from there.

Hardware App

Process based hardware tracking app based on SQL server with transactional operations. I authored, developed and designed whole project by myself.

Nikita App

Web based Phone Exchange alarm app, based on XMLHTTP object years before AJAX. Capable to handle hundreds of alarms/minute. I was co-author of the project.


Award winning BPM solution for small to middle sized businesses. I was working on this project as a part of development team.

In Progress

Savjetovanje.Net (WIP) is successor of our project. It is a place, where you can find happiness just by listening and talking. Lidija is a rising star amongst psychotherapysts and open to share her knowledge over the net.

Dreambox.House (WIP) is our family bussiness and successor of our beloved Dreambox Hostel. It is the place where we celebrate uniqness of life. Our message is, that it is good to live together, so we create unique art to express this.

Web Marketing 2020 is my approach to branding, marketing and networking. Goal of this project is to help startups their journey equipped with digital knowledge for this century. Check it out ...

Small projects, huge energy.

I want to do every project as it is the last thing I will do in my life.


First Croatian channel for online therapy, successor of our project. 


Every man is unique
The house is a symbol of family, where we build our identity.  
Art is the most beautiful way to celebrate the uniqueness of life. Dreambox.House is a global home project.

Web Marketing

From branding to marketing and networking, there is a long journey, full of hidden obstacles, which I know how to skip.


The OpenBible Project : currently in idle state, but we already prepared a lot of marketing materials, app prototyping and design. Despite everything, we are confident that this project is intended to succeed. Phase: looking for investor.

Type.Glass (WIP) : Remember Google Glass? Well, Type.Glass is something totally different :) It is a cool stenography hardware project, which will enable everyone to use computer on the move. Paired with Epson Moverio glasses, which uses next-gen microdisplay technology, it will represent the next generation wearable computing device for quantum-computing age. Phase: design.

IoTchair (WIP) : Let's face it, we sit a lot. We sit at school, at work, in car, in bus, in plane, in theater, when eating, when drinking coffe and so on... We spend a big part of our lives sitting. I'm designing a smart IoT chair for smart people. Phase: design.

Projects that are struggling to grow.

From cool Stenography project to IoT Chair and OpenBible mobile application... these are some of the projects that I started and work on them, as time permits. I also write a book.


The “Open Bible" project aims to promote the Jerusalem Bible and help make the study of the Bible more accessible through technology and media.


Development of hardware device, which will enable everyone with ability to use computer on the move. Serious steno stuff.


Iot Chair development. Big ideas start small. We play with IoT and design future where everyone sits well. 


The tools I use in my work.

 Design a killer website, connect web services, create webshop, brainstorm branding, design marketing materials, connect social networks, automate marketing... It's a long journey, but I know the way through the woods.

Right tool for the right job.

There are no magic tools. I believe, that in few years, with Quantum computing, many software tools we use today, will be a long past. Now I use what is available.


... or any other language as needed.

Tech stack

XD tools, 3D tools, 2D tools, Database tools, Functional CSS, JAM stack, Static site and CMS generators, Javascript Frameworks, and ton of other stuff ...


Blockchain stuff
IPFS stuff
IoT stuff
Quantum computing stuff
And whatever new comes to Hacker News :)


I can help you cut down development/design time by providing you with 20 years of experience, solid knowledge and huge entusiasm.


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